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Mosquito Combat features the famous Mosquito aircraft of the RAF
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Mosquito Combat wings over Europe, add on product for the Flight simulator 3, features the famous Mosquito aircraft of the RAF. Mosquito was famous in its time as a versatile aircraft with RAF and they were devastatingly effective against the enemy as they could carry up to 4 x 500 lb. bombs and could be equipped with 4 20mm cannon. Mosquito Combat add-on product gives you two superior Mosquito aircrafts and more than 400 missions to put you into some of the great historical battles. There are three dynamic campaigns namely-Day Tactical Bomber Campaign for the Mosquito Mk XVIII and XIX beginning June 1944. D-Day Fighter Bomber Campaign for the Mosquito FB VI and FB XVIII beginning June 1944. Both are two versions, short (85 missions) and long (170 missions).The third one is "What if" Tactical Campaign for the Mosquito XIX beginning August 1945. If you are not an expert “Mossie” flier you can get a training program on different aircrafts in 11 missions. There is also an integrated with the pilot training in linear campaign. The package adds some of the new weapons and new flight models. The newly included damage models improve the survivability for all Mosquito models. Smoke and lighting is improved as a result of its new effects. You can be part of historical battles with the help of this software.

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  • The actual feeling of being in a historical battle, the training programs


  • Requires the full version of Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3: Battle for Europe
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